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Shredall SDS Group secures a new Confidential Document Storage contract with Sherwood Forest Hospitals Foundation Trust

Shredall SDS Group secures a new Confidential Document Storage contract with Sherwood Forest Hospitals Foundation Trust

Shredall SDS Group, the largest independently owned confidential waste shredding, paper recycling, document storage and scanning company in the UK, has won the contract to store and retrieve confidential documents for Sherwood Forest Hospitals Foundation Trust.

The new Confidential Document Storage contract includes all three hospitals in the trust; King’s Mill Hospital, Newark Hospital and Mansfield community hospital.

The contract comes as the group celebrate 23 years in business and includes a managed service onsite twice a week, whereby Shredall visits the hospitals and empties consoles placed around the wards. The documents are then shredded onsite before they leave the hospital, which is paramount for confidentiality. King’s Mill hospital alone has around 170 consoles.

The service will include shredding of confidential and non-confidential waste paper, x-rays and media, as well as hardware such as hard drives and other information technology. Shredall’s newest service of paper cup recycling is also offered throughout the hospitals.

Sherwood Forest Hospitals Foundation Trust has chosen to work with SDS Document Storage, which will total 17,000 boxes stored securely in the SDS archive. The contract will offer an on demand retrieval service of files back to the hospital when needed.

The new document storage contracts accompany the weekly onsite shredding services that Shredall SDS Group has provided for Sherwood Forest Hospital Trust for over 5 years.

Commenting on the contract win, Shredall SDS Group Director, Lucy Shipley said,

“We have worked with Sherwood Forest Hospital Trust for many years providing confidential destruction of documents, so it’s an honour to continue this long standing relationship. Our team is now working with the trust to store records off-site at our Nottingham based facility, which enables the hospital to free up valuable space to service more patients. We look forward to continue working closely with the Trust in the future to ensure confidentiality and efficiency for all three hospitals.”

Lucy continues,

“Since its inception, SDS has grown to store over 250,000 boxes, 200,000 open files and 3200 back up tapes. We are a trusted Nottingham family business offering a reputable service offering. January 2020 was particularly busy with a 105% increase on new boxes entering our storage depot.”

Shredall SDS Group, Managing Director, Nik Williams comments, “Shredall SDS Group is going from strength to strength. GDPR is still very much on people’s radar and it’s important to manage retention guidelines accordingly. We are very excited for the next decade.”

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