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Why you need home shredding, keeping data security in mind.

Why you need home shredding, keeping data security in mind.

With the majority of us still working from home at the moment, paper, cardboard and other waste materials you produce may have just shifted from the workplace into your home. This is the new norm, no one is certain when we may return to the workplace. Remote workers will be tempted to dispose of confidential waste in their own commercial bins but this could be a massive data security risk and result in huge fines.

What data security advice has the government issued for businesses?

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), whilst acknowledging that businesses may be prioritising other business areas during the pandemic, data security law still applies and should be adhered to at all times. This includes the secure disposal of confidential data.

The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) is the UK’s governing authority that provides organisations with protective security advice. The CPNI has also issued a guide for businesses, providing guidance on how to maintain both physical security and data security as the country slowly transitions out of lockdown.

To comply with data protection law everyone must be able to prove confidential information is destroyed safely. People may assume that a professional shredding service is just for the workplace or office environment.

See why professional home shredding is as necessary as office shredding,


Buying a small cheap shredder is appealing especially on a budget, however these shredders only cut in one direction which can be pieced back together, they are also more prone to breaking down. Home shredders only shred a handful of pieces of paper at a time which means that the person responsible for paper shredding will have a full time job on their hands.

Cost Effective

If you want to enjoy a high level of security from your paper shredding you will have to invest in a decent quality machine and this costs money. Using a paper shredding services means that you only have to pay when you need paper shredding and you won’t have any of the overhead costs associated with employing admin staff or buying and maintaining the equipment you require.


Using a paper shredding service means that everything is taken care for you. Shredall SDS Group will come to your premises, collect the paper, shred it onsite or offsite, and take it away for recycling. Shredding a small pile of papers at a time is an incredibly mundane task.


If you do your own shredding then this is actually only part of the process that you will need to complete. Once the paper is shredded you are still left with a large amount of waste paper, albeit securely destroyed waste paper. If you have a lot of paper then you may not be able to use the standard recycling collections so you may have to pay for a company to collect the paper. A mobile shredding service shreds the paper outside your building and then takes it away to a recycling centre so that it can be recycled into tissue related products.


How Shredall SDS Group can help you

When employees work from home, businesses must ensure that their remote employees dispose of confidential waste securely.

Businesses can provide employees with a bag or box to temporarily store confidential information. They could also schedule shredding collections for remote employees, or even organise a schedule whereby employees can drop their confidential waste off at the workplace, into different methods of receptacles.

Keep what you need to shred in a bag or box.

Book a collection from your address.

We’ll call you 30-60 minutes before arrival; our team will collect your confidential materials and shred them onsite of offsite.

A Certificate of Destruction will be sent directly to where instructed along with the invoice for the work completed.

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