Published 2nd of April 2019

The challenge

Our client, a financial services company, had grown dramatically over 15 years, from one office to a peak of 400. Having grown so quickly, they hadn’t put a document storage policy in place, leaving each office to manage their own archive.

As well as causing issues with legal requirements, the lack of organisation was making it difficult to find client files. There was no retention or destruction policy, and files were stored in damp basements and other unsuitable areas, causing safety and security issues.

The solution

To assess the situation, Shredall SDS Group sent each branch a questionnaire to find out how many files they held and of what quality, plus the location, parking availability and access times.

We collected 20,000 files and boxes from every branch, using our specialist barcoding software to record and track their whereabouts at all time. Once the boxes arrived at our storage facility we moved them to our indexing department, where all files were fully indexed and the data uploaded onto our online portal.

The result

Our indexing service has completely transformed the way the company works day to day. Not only do they have a tidier working environment, they’re also able to retrieve any file quickly and easily using our scan-on-demand service. More importantly, they now have full confidence that their data is protected and they’re fully GDPR compliant. Once their stored documents reach their end date they are able to use our Shredding service to securely dispose of their personal data.

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