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Product Destruction for a Fashion Brand

Product Destruction for a Fashion Brand

The challenge

Paper and electronic media are no longer considered the only source of confidential information. More and more business are beginning to adopt shredding procedures for the disposal of textiles such as fashion clothing and uniforms. Shredall Recycling were approached by a high end fashion designer brand, who had been acquired by a larger worldwide fashion house. They had been instructed to ensure over 600,000 items of clothing were confidentially shredded on-site as a rebrand take over. Our clients motive was to securely destroy garments, protect the exclusivity of the brand, use a company with high standards of compliance, ensure they are trustworthy and recycle the bi-product where possible.

The solution

Shredall has a wealth of experience when it comes to textile shredding, using our high quality industrial shredders to securely destroy clothing, uniforms and other garments in an efficient and sustainable manner. Shredall SDS Group invest heavily in mandatory initiatives, we meet industry and international standards, we worked with our client to understand the specific demands of their industry and ensure we had the correct compliance in place.

Shredall Recycling began by drawing up a diary plan to confidentially destroy on-site over 600,000 items, each item had to be located, bardcode scanned and removed from the clients internal system. Shredall organised a weekly visit to the customers premises to destroy the items on-site, whilst separating and collecting cardboard and plastics to be recycled individually.

Our client requested for on-site shredding for the added reassurance of total confidentiality. They were able to witness their products being destroyed first hand on their premises. Our on-site shredding service meets government, DIN and European standards. Our high security 18 tonne MDX and MDS mobile shredding machines are fast, efficient and calibrated to shred 3000kg per hour, we were able to process over 6,000kgs of material per visit.

Once the items had been shredded on-site, the shredded clothing products were baled and recycled in line with the European standard of compliance. The whole destruction process was assessed first hand by the client, as part of NAID (AAA) Certification which Shredall adheres to.

How else were they recycled?

Just like paper, textiles are also highly recyclable resources and at Shredall Recycling we are committed to running an environmentally friendly, ethical business. This is represented by our ISO 14001 accreditation, which means that that we meet the international standard for establishing an environmental management system. Wherever possible we ensure that any shredded textile materials are recycled, for this particular material we were able to reutilize the shredded waste into various cotton materials.

The result

Now these items have been destroyed confidentially our client can be confident that all items will never be seen again, they will not be sold on internet selling sites and the re-brand can continue without any worries about their brand reputation.

“The speed and quality of the service received was excellent. The level of flexibility showed by Shredall was first class. This was an unusual project made much easier by Shredall’s commitment to providing a personal and high-security shredding service. Protecting our brand and products from fraudulent resale and illegal saturation was paramount to this project and we feel Shredall went above and beyond to make this happen. Knowing the items are recycled too is comforting and fits into our brand beliefs and core ethics.”

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