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On-Site Shredding for a Law Firm

On-Site Shredding for a Law Firm

The Challenge

A global law firm based in the City of London needed to clear their archives for security purpose. Their archives had been added to over a number of years and clearing them was going to take a significant amount of work.

They estimated that around 76,000 archive boxes needed shredding. The total weight of the documents across all those boxes was somewhere in the region of 864 tonnes. Being a successful law firm, it was imperative that the archive documents be disposed of in a completely secure manner, or the firm would face serious repercussions.

The Solution

With no way to dispose of the old documents themselves, the law firm brought Shredall SDS into the fold to help them securely shred their documents. Our on-site document shredding service was perfect for their requirements, because it meant that they could supervise the whole process and be assured that their archives were being destroyed in the right way.

Our ISO 27001 accreditation for information security management was a big factor in the firm choosing us for the job. The internationally recognised accreditation showed the client that we could be trusted with highly sensitive documentation and that information security is a core part of our ethos as a business.

We worked with the law firm for a year, shredding hundreds of tonnes of paper on-site in our state of the art machines. We visited their London offices 3 times a week for a year to completely destroy their archived documents, shredding over 5 tonnes of paper with each visit. Spreading out the visits in this way was an arrangement that worked very well for the firm, ensuring that all documents were destroyed carefully and securely.


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