With a day-forward scanning strategy, you choose a launch date and scan everything from that day forward. Documents prior to the launch date remain on paper, while everything forward of the selected date is converted to an electronic format. Effectively Convert your Documents into a Digital Format with Your Chosen Forward Scan Date

Where required, SDS Document Scanning collect your documents and transport them via a dedicated vehicle to our secure bureau for scanning. We’ll scan your documents on an ongoing basis at regular intervals, depending on how much paperwork you produce. Alternatively, our document management software allows you to scan papers into the system from your own site or office.

Digital transformation means you’ll benefit from ongoing storage costs, and be able to access files in seconds from your computer desktop. You’ll get secure electronic storage, save space and be able to locate files quicker – all the benefits of a paperless office.

Paper files stored prior to the launch date can be retrieved and returned via our delivery service or scanned and retrieved via our online portal. Whenever you are in need of your scanned documents, our efficient document indexing service ensures your digitised documents within no time.

Day forward scanning is considered the least expensive method of scanning and provides an efficient way to keep on top of records management for the future. Get in touch to see how we can help.

"SDS have provided a reliable, fail proof, business disaster recovery plan for student documents and other important archives. I was worried the cost would be out of our comfort zone but actually with a business plan put in place – the cost was manageable and is now much more effective. SDS have given us the ability to convert paper documents to electronic files, making our storage and accessibility much more manageable, convenient and cost effective. Shredall and SDS have provided us with many options to digitize, store and confidentially destroy our rooms full of archive storage. Document’s never getting misplaced like they used to and rooms that were full of archive boxes are now used as classrooms and a staffroom.”
Education Director of Services - Birmingham Secondary School