SDS Document Scanning have been working with legal firms and practices for many years. As legal document scanning specialists, we understand that storage space is at a premium, and that you have better things to do than organise and index an ever-growing number of documents. We also know the paramount importance of data security and compliance.

There are many benefits to keeping legal documents in an electrical format – they’re more secure, they can be accessed from any desktop, anywhere in the world, and they save space and time when compared to paper records.

When you work with us, you’ll be supported by an experienced project team, who’ll tailor our service around your requirements and budget. When scanning legal documents, no project is too large or small, simple or complex. We use the very latest document scanning equipment, producing high-quality images and adding extra functionality like indexing, bates stamping and optical character recognition (OCR) to extract data, barcodes or handwriting.

There are different ways we can work together to convert your files, and we can help you decide which is most appropriate and beneficial for your organisation.

Our digital transformation services include:

Bulk scanning of archived documents – helping you free up storage space.

On-site scanning – for sensitive documents that can’t leave your site.

Same-day scanning of new documents – helping you establish more efficient processes.

On-demand scanning – a cost-efficient approach where we keep hard copies in storage and scan only the files you need.

Day-forward scanning – where archive files are kept as hard copies, but all records from an agreed date are scanned and kept as digital files.

Online hosting – letting you view documents in seconds, anywhere in the world.

Secure destruction –We follow the highest compliance standards to securely destroy all types of medical records.

If you're interested in how our legal document scanning services can benefit you today, contact our team.

"SDS have provided a reliable, fail proof, business disaster recovery plan for student documents and other important archives. I was worried the cost would be out of our comfort zone but actually with a business plan put in place, the cost was manageable and is now much more effective. SDS have given us the ability to convert paper documents to electronic files, making our storage and accessibility much more manageable, convenient and cost effective. Shredall SDS Group have provided us with many options to digitize, store and confidentially destroy our rooms full of archive storage. Documents never get misplaced like they used to and rooms that were full of archive boxes are now used as classrooms and a staffroom.”
Education Director of Services - Birmingham Secondary School