Document indexing is the process of associating information with a file for search and retrieval purposes later. Indexed information is integrated into a database document management system, providing a framework for users to locate required data.

Without effective document indexing, retrieving information can be extremely time consuming and costly. You might need to access information quickly for decision making but be unable to locate it, leading to severe repercussions for your company. Missing files are also extremely costly and difficult to replace.

Indexing and storing records offsite or electronically means there is less chance of files being misplaced and your team will save valuable time looking for records. Having the right documentation to hand quickly also allows you to make timely and better-informed decisions.

Document indexing offers a lot of potential benefits for the whole business such as improved decision making, preserving the organisation's knowledge and improving the flow of information.

Our indexing and document management systems allow you to:

Access documents immediately.

Automatically view files as they are indexed via out online portal.

Search by date, number, department, invoice number or document type or even by inputting a whole phrase.

Improve your chances of locating the right document first time with enhanced data quality- we cleanse data by interpreting abbreviations, running spell checks and identifying missing or potentially incorrect data.

By using our online portal, users will automatically view files as they are indexed. This offers transparency to the customer (they can view how the job is progressing).

Document processing through indexing is simply an easy route to locate your documents and that route is based upon your business processes and your staff.

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