Secure Hard Drive Destruction Services

Our hard drive
shredding services prevent your company’s data from falling into the wrong hands and ensure you remain GDPR compliant.

Even a single hard drive stores a significant amount of information. When you dispose of a hard drive, sensitive data such as employee, customer and product information can be recovered and used even if you have tried to erase it. Only professional hard drive shredding can guarantee that your data is irretrievably destroyed.

Secure hard drive disposal is vital if your company stores personal or financial data on a PC hard drive, server or backup tapes. Failing to make sensitive data unusable when upgrading equipment or clearing out old hard disks puts you at risk of it being retrieved by criminals and could also result in you breaching GDPR.

We offer hard drive destruction services to businesses throughout the UK. Our security-vetted team will collect from your premises then shred your hard drives at one of our secure facilities. The state-of-the-art, industrial-grade machines we use for hard drive shredding ensure that there is no chance of any data being retrieved at a later date.

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Our Hard Drive Destruction Service

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We arrange an ad-hoc collection or a schedule for regular collections if you require more frequent hard drive disposal.

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Our fully trained operatives arrive at your business premises, before
transferring the hard drives you need shredding to our high-security MOD-approved vehicles

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Your hard drives are then transported to one of our high-security depots in Glasgow or Nottingham where they will be shredded - the materials are sent to our UK WEEE-approved partner for recycling.

Once the process is complete, we issue a certificate of destruction showing the weight and details of the collection. This is a minimum requirement for anyone disposing of confidential waste.

All carried out as per BS EN 15713 or equivalent.

Why choose Shredall SDS Group for hard drive destruction?

A family run company you can trust.

We provide a complete audit trail for your shredded hard drives, tracking their movements from the minute they leave your site right up to the final invoice. Our fully vetted team also gives you a certificate of destruction for your records.

Saving you time and money

There’s no preparation required for our hard drive shredding service. We can quickly destroy all of your unwanted hard drives regardless of the quantity and our prices are extremely competitive.

We’re flexible to suit you.

We offer lots of hard drive disposal options to suit
your needs. Whether you need a one-off or scheduled service, we’ve got you covered. The location is completely up to you: our team can carry out hard drive destruction services on-site at your premises or off-site, and can even travel to your home to shred hard disks if required.

We will never compromise.

We are proud to meet the highest standards of compliance for our industry. When you choose Shredall SDS Group, you can rest assured that your confidential documents are completely secure.

If you're interested in how Shredall SDS Group could help you, get in touch today!

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Chain of custody: end-to-end tracking

As part of our chain of custody protocol, we have invested in technology to ensure that your shredded hard drives are tracked throughout their journey. Our end-to-end tracking system makes use of barcode scanning at every stage as well as GPS-tracked vehicles, helping to secure our reputation as one of the UK’s most trusted hard drive shredding companies. Rest assured that your sensitive data is secure with Shredall.