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Birmingham document scanning is the perfect solution for West Midlands businesses looking to manage their documents more effectively and reduce clutter in their office. With our Birmingham office, SDS is ideally placed to work with companies across the Midlands.

The complete document scanning solution for Birmingham businesses

Document scanning isn’t just about giving you more space by reducing clutter, it’s about changing the way that you access and manage your documents. We live in the digital age, and scanning digitises your documents so that they can be accessed from anywhere using our document management software. You’ll never have to worry about how you’re going to find the right document, and your staff will have more freedom to travel and work remotely with nothing but a laptop.

Our Birmingham scanning service works around your needs. If you want us to take your documents to our secure facility, scan them, and then either store or destroy them, we’re happy to do so. Or we can provide you with the means to scan on-site, if you would prefer to keep everything on your premises.

To learn more about our approach, visit our document scanning page.

Scanning case study: a secondary school in Birmingham

A secondary school in Birmingham needed a way to make their document archive more secure and effective. They needed to make sure that, in doing so, their staff and pupil data remained completely secure and confidential, and they wanted to keep it safe from the risks of theft, vandalism or natural disasters. Matters weren’t helped by their lack of a retention policy, which meant that data was kept much longer than necessary.

To solve the problem, we scanned all of the school’s documents and made the digital files available to them through an online portal. Our simple search functionality let the school retrieve any file they needed in seconds, and strict security measures kept the files secure and confidential.

Once the scanning was finished, our sister company, Shredall, securely destroyed and recycled all of the unwanted documents.

The Education Director of Services said: “SDS Data Scanning have provided a reliable, fail-proof disaster recovery plan for student documents and other important archives. I was worried the cost would be out of our comfort zone but, actually, with a business plan put in place the cost was manageable. SDS has given us the ability to convert paper documents to electronic files, making our storage and accessibility much more manageable, convenient and cost effective.”

To learn more visit our Birmingham document scanning case study page.

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