Document Scanning Services in Leicester

Document scanning services bring businesses into the digital age, as well as solving a host of practical problems. SDS’s East Midlands depot is just 45 minutes away from Leicester’s city centre, and the rest of the county is within easy reach for our on- and off-site scanning services.

Secure Leicester scanning to suit you

Whether you want a one-off collection, a regular collection, or you want to scan your documents yourself, Shredall can provide you with everything you need. We will visit you on your Leicester premises as may times as is needed to make sure that all your documents can be scanned. Once the scanning process is complete, you will have secure, password-protected access to all of the files you still want in an organised, online system.

Case study: Midlands law firm

One of our clients, a law firm based in the Midlands, were facing problems with office space and file location. Employees were wasting valuable time searching for physical documents that may even have been booked out by a colleague.

SDS stepped in to provide the company with a paperless solution which involved scanning each current client file and uploading it to our web portal, which can be accessed securely by the firm. The new system also allowed staff more flexibility in their work, and made their processes much more efficient.

Finding a solution together

We’re not going to tell you what you need. By working closely with your, we will understand your business and work alongside you to decide on the best scanning solution for your company. We pride ourselves on expert, personal services that make a real impact on our clients’ working environment and data protection. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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