Our securely locked enclosed roll-on roll-off skips and containers are a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to remove large volumes of confidential data for destruction.

Shredall SDS Group provide waste collection and transportation services, helping businesses across the country securely dispose of their recyclable waste. As we’re always looking to become more efficient, cutting down on the number of collection visits we make has become one of our main goals. Not only does it result in less hassle for our clients, but it also reduces our impact on the environment.

35 YD Enclosed Roll-On Roll-Off Skip

Description: Steel
Height: 2.37m
Width: 2.45m
Length: 6.1m
Colour: Blue
Lockable: Yes
Paper Slot: No


Lockable Roll-on roll-off skips are ideal for storing larger volumes of confidential waste material for eventual disposal. You can store anything from paper documents or electronic waste, such as hard drives and media tapes, ready for collection whenever suits you. Our containers will allow you to remove 8-10 tonnes of material in one visit, making the process efficient and cost-effective for large clearances.

These containers can also be supplied for non-confidential waste, such as general office, print and bulk waste. Much of this can later be recycled in bulk at our premises, where our state-of-the-art machinery cleans and de-inks the paper to be re-used. Read more about our recycling services.


Our enclosed skips are suitable for external use only. You will be able to simply walk into the containers, store the waste and lock the doors behind you to ensure that the data is protected.

How Roll on Roll off Skips could benefit you –

  • Large and bulky amount of paper or cardboard waste
  • Large amount of confidential paper waste
  • Bulky office or warehouse clear out
  • High volume of old stock for destruction

How our lockable enclosed skips shouldn’t be used –

  • Roads and Driveways – they are too big
  • Household electrical waste
  • Building waste
  • Hazardous waste

For details on our securely locked enclosed roll-on roll-off skips for shredding please speak to a member of our team who will be happy to help, call 03333 555 100 or contact us here