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10 things a business can do to support a circular economy

10 things a business can do to support a circular economy

The below are all alternative ways you can improve your business processes and reuse items again and again to support a more sustainable way of running your business.

Product Design and Lifecycle

Whether you’re designing new products or using existing products, think durability, recallability and re-using when possible. Recycle packaging materials like cardboard and paper to avoid them from ending up in landfill.

Plant a tree

Trees help combat climate change and absorb pollutant gases in the atmosphere. There are many businesses providing this service to help other companies make a positive impact on the environment.

Think before you buy

The most important part of contributing to a circular economy is thinking about the waste you will produce before you buy. Instead of buying food or items wrapped in plastic, shop at a local farmers market instead or buy items that are sold without plastic packaging.

Send nothing to landfill

Keep your waste streams separate to reduce contamination, recycle more, and ensure nothing goes to landfill. Always do your research and contact companies that can help you recycle your waste

Repair instead of replacing

If something breaks in the office, look at paying someone to repair it instead of buying a new one. Most things can be repaired to give it a new lease of life and to stop the item ending up in landfill. If the item really can’t be replaced, then look at recycling it.

Bring back the milk person

One of the most frustrating items to reuse and recycle is plastic. To ensure a zero-waste policy your business could fine a local milk person who would bring milk to the office and collect the old glasses for reuse.

Destroy and recycle your employee uniforms

Old uniforms can be shredded for brand protection and then recycled so the material is used to make new clothing. Just like paper, textiles are also highly recyclable resources and at Shredall SDS Group we are committed to running an environmentally friendly, ethical business. This is represented by our ISO 14001 accreditation, which means that that we meet the international standard for establishing an environmental management system. Wherever possible we ensure that any shredded textile materials are recycled.

Rent instead of sell

Some companies have altered their business model to renting products to customers instead of selling. This way companies effectively retain ownership of the goods throughout their life cycle, as customers need to return the product to them.

Recycle your paper and cardboard waste

Cardboard and paper are one of the easiest materials to recycle and can be recycled up to 7 times before disintegrating. We can manage the complete process of your cardboard and paper waste from storage to collection and recycling. We ensure these materials are 100% recycled at UK paper mills.

Provide sustainable coffee cups

In the UK alone we use 7 million disposable take away cups every day- that’s 2.5 billion every year. Many companies have now re designed their coffee cups to ensure they are entirely recyclable. We can provide your business with sustainable coffee cups and a collection service to ensure all cups used in the office gets recycled.

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