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#3 Blog Lloyd's Blog

#3 Blog Lloyd's Blog


Hi Everyone,

Since the start of the new year (where did that go!) staff at Shredall SDS Group have hit the ground running this year. January's figures were very pleasing not only in sales but in all cost centres i.e. scanning, storage, Shredall across the board, Scotland and all points south.

Our highly-motivated staff are all pleased that they are back earning bonuses on their performance!

The company is fast approaching the end of its financial year and has performed well overall with the renewal of a couple of large contracts and growth in many areas.

We are currently investigating a couple of areas for perhaps new investment in a new baler, a JCB telescopic forklift and cherry/order pickers in the next financial year. This will improve our loading and unloading times for both paper coming in and out and assist in the picking of files for retrieval.

Unfortunately, the increase in diesel costs have increased our operating costs and everyone is aware of this costs as businesses as well as private individuals.

Our compliance remains as strong as ever with the re audits in early February going extremely well and our Scotland business is getting stronger by the added compliance made by their team.

As we have celebrated our 20th anniversary in mid-February besides a lot of reminiscing on my behalf telling stories of back in the day, how sacks and paper was heavier and eating too much cake, we are proud to have achieved that landmark. Our sellers are currently delivering cakes out to our clients and if you’ve not received one contact the sales department to order one - I’m told they are delicious.

Finally, our personnel are changing slightly with a couple of long time employees moving on to pastures new. One or two are getting married and our own family is growing with my daughter Lucy(Group Director) expecting later this month and Charlotte, my daughter in law (and Marketing Manager for the Group), expecting in late August.

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