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It was the challenge of their lifetime...but they did it!!

It was the challenge of their lifetime...but they did it!!

Dan Williams and Nik Williams completed the bike ride of their lifetime on Saturday, cycling from London to Paris after a gruelling 3.5 days of aching muscles and lack of sleep.

Biking approx 300 miles in 3.5 days with only 8 weeks training has pushed both Nik and Dan’s boundaries and fitness but what they have done doesn’t come close to what their chosen charities do on a daily basis.

Setting off last Wednesday from Crystal Palace on their first day they cycled to Dover and got the ferry to Calais. From Calais they had 2 days of cycling through hilly French countryside where they ended their challenge just behind the Eiffel Tower.

Nik comments “our bodies are stiff as a board and we ache like never before but we have loved every minute of it, my legs were more used to cycling than walking by the end of it”

Nik continues, “I am fortunate to have a healthy life and really want to give something back to these great charities. The Karen Green Foundation is one of the charities I really want to raise as much money for as possible. During a life which was tragically cut short, Karen was an inspiration to those who knew her and a legend throughout the hospital that treated her with her strength, bravery and attitude to beat Leukaemia, a battle that was finally lost on July 4th 2011 after 4 ½ years.”

Karen worked at Shredall SDS Group for approximately 8 years as the Accounts Manager, but unfortunately due to her illness getting progressively worse after time off she decided she was too weak to continue.

MS Trust is the other amazing charity Dan is doing the challenge for. Dan comments "Nik’s cousin and my niece, Zoe, 22 years ago was in the prime of her life, finishing her ‘A’ levels. She was an A*student and looking forward to university and the rest of her life when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, within 3 years she was very seriously ill. With the intervention of medical experts, newly discovered wonder drugs and the love and care of her family, Zoe made a partial, but miraculous recovery from the very worst symptoms of her illness. She now lives her life despite her condition and like most MS sufferers she has good and bad days, she makes the most of the cards she has been dealt.”

Nik comments “the feeling I had when we finally could see the Eiffel Tower was incredible. When we got to the finish line I was so overwhelmed, the feeling is indescribable.” He continues “both Dan and I met some inspirational people and whenever we felt like our legs wanted to give up we’d think why we were doing the ride in the first place!”

Dan did the London to Paris Bike Ride a few years ago and amazingly decided to put himself though the intense training and incredible challenge again and together they are still aiming to raise £6,000 split between the 2 chosen charities!

London to Paris in 3.5 days was a massive challenge for both Dan and Nik and everyone’s support is what kept them going.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and if anyone else would like to dig deep in their pockets –

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