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Lockable enclosed skips for confidential bulk shredding and recycling

Lockable enclosed skips for confidential bulk shredding and recycling

Lockable enclosed skips, also known as RORO’s (Roll on Roll off Skips) are highly beneficial for removing large quantities of confidential waste in a quick, easy and tidy manner. Often these skips are a more cost-effective and secure option.


What is a lockable enclosed skip?

Lockable enclosed skips can carry high volumes of waste at one time and unload with ease at the other end. Our secure locked enclosed skips are ideal for big projects and for commercial sites that produce large quantities of paper waste and cardboard.

Benefits of lockable enclosed skips

Reduce carbon footprint

The amount of landfill waste is constantly increasing and getting more costly. RORO skips require fewer deliveries and collections, our fleet are required less and therefore help to minimise the size of your carbon footprint. Not only do they enable you to keep all waste in one place, but they also improve site practices and reduce pollution.

We shred and recycle all our paper and cardboard waste which is sent to UK paper mills and produced into other paper products. So, you can have the peace of mind that your waste isn’t polluting the environment.

Efficient waste collection

RoRo’s are ideal for long-term waste requirements which are likely to produce high volumes of waste throughout. These models offer a much more efficient service for paper and cardboard waste and are more efficient for large bulk clear-outs than our standard office consoles and bins.

Increase productivity and confidentiality

When dealing with a large project with ever looming deadlines, it can be stressful to manage paper and cardboard waste you’re producing. A bulk shredding and recycling service saves the hassle of not knowing what or where to put your bulk waste. Keeping your location tidy and professional, a RoRo skip will enable you to pay more attention to detail and focus on the tasks in hand. Most importantly RoRo skips are lockable keeping your confidential waste secure to meet with GDPR compliance.


As laws become stricter, you may find waste disposal becoming pricier and more difficult to manage. If you are a business that produces a large amount of waste on a regular basis, it’s likely that RoRo skips are the most economical option for managing it.

When to use a Roll on Roll off Skip

  • Large and bulky amount of paper or cardboard waste
  • Large amount of confidential paper waste
  • Bulky office or warehouse clear out
  • High volume of old stock for destruction

How our lockable enclosed skips shouldn’t be used

  • Roads and Driveways – they are too big
  • Household electrical waste
  • Building waste
  • Hazardous waste

Our lockable enclosed skip service

At Shredall SDS Group, our team has more than 24 years paper shredding and confidential waste experience. We are committed to providing environmentally friendly, reliable, and affordable waste management solutions for all types of businesses. RORO skip hire is an excellent way of doing this, because of the larger size - fewer collections are required, which makes it great for cost-saving and reduces your carbon footprint.

To prevent any disruptions or downtime to your operations, we're able to deliver, exchange or collect your lockable enclosed skip.

Our lockable enclosed skips are available to hire all over the UK for general paper, cardboard and confidential waste destruction and recycling. We also offer compactor units on request.

For those smaller confidential waste jobs, we can provide lockable shredding consoles and bins.

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