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Our top New Year’s Sustainable Resolutions for your office

Our top New Year’s Sustainable Resolutions for your office

Start 2020 with the planet in mind by making small changes to the way your staff and office contributes to the environment. Instead of setting resolutions for yourself this year, try setting them for your team or entire business and work together to meet your recycling goals. By doing this you can reduce your carbon footprint, become more sustainable and save your business money. Here’s our sustainable resolutions for your organisation.

Sustainable Drinking

Everyone needs their morning coffee but it’s how we consume our hot drinks at work that is impactful on the environment. Reduce your waste and prevent coffee cups and plastic bottles from ending up in landfill by encouraging or providing your employees with reusable mugs, cups and water bottles.

Join our coffee cup recycling scheme, we can provide sustainable coffee cups and a recycling system at your office. With a stress-free collection and recycling process, let us do the work for you.

Textile Recycling and office clothing swap

More than 300,000 tonnes of used clothing end up in landfill in the UK every year. Set up a social work event where employees can bring in their unwanted clothes and swap clothing items with each other. We can shred and recycle any old branded uniforms or textiles, keeping your branding confidential and to stop items from ending up in landfill.

Plant a tree scheme

Planting trees is a great way to help sequester carbon emissions. Trees are essential to maintaining our climate and biodiversity. There are many organisations that organise tree planting in most regions of the UK. Get a team together and set up a tree planting activity for everyone to get involved in or simply donate money for tree planting and let the organisation plant them for you.

Start a green team

To ensure your business is doing the best it can a dedicated committee can meet up once a month to ensure activities are moving forward and to discuss any environmental issues within the business. It’s important to continuously look into ways to help improve the business in becoming eco-friendlier.

Conduct a waste audit

Waste audits can be an eye-opening exercise as they often identify wasteful practices that translate into financial losses. They can also highlight Health & Safety hazards that the business needs to rectify. Get a clear understanding of your organisations waste habits, streams and areas of improvements to help set clear goals for the rest of the year.

Launch Meatless Mondays at your office

Reducing your meat consumption has many health benefits and helps reduce greenhouse gases. Start a movement in the office to encourage your team to have meatless Mondays. Send out recipes, put up posters and reminders to promote the movement internally.

Ban Single Use Plastics

Are we really still using single use plastics? It’s time to let go of bad habits and choose to ban all single use plastics in your office. Ban the use of plastics bags, disposable plates, plastic utensils, plastic straws and water bottles.

Implement paper recycling lockable cabinets

Recycle your paper, implement lockable confidential shredding bins where employees can recycle their paper. Remove the amount of small desk bins to avoid employees throwing paper into general waste bins that gets mixed in with all the other waste.

Not only does this keep all data safe but paper can be recycled up to seven times meaning it has a longer life span. We can implement a secure recycling process for you with lockable office consoles to match your office furniture. We can arrange a collection service to suit you, on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis.

Go paper-lite

Commit to reducing paper usage in the office by using more electronic documents and printing double sided whenever possible. Scanning your documents to create a paper-lite office can reduce the amount of paper lying around your office and is a great way to start organising your files. Once you have scanned your documents you can securely shred and recycle the paper or store them in our warehouse if you need to keep the file.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Implement different bins for recycling in the office, a cardboard bin, paper recycling and food waste bin can help segregate your waste. Teach your staff what can and can’t be recycled, put up posters or stickers on each bin to clearly state what can be recycled.

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