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Shredall SDS Group Supports Recycling Week at Hawthorne Primary School

Shredall SDS Group Supports Recycling Week at Hawthorne Primary School

The team at Shredall SDS Group recently visited Hawthorne Primary School during recycling week. We were delighted to explain the importance of the paper recycling process and shredding confidential information to the children, and to have supported their learning during recycling week.

How we helped during recycling week

Our mission was to give the children a demonstration on how waste and confidential paper can be turned into tissue-related products and discuss the importance of recycling paper. How did we do this?

We sent shredding sacks into Hawthorne Primary, and kindly asked for parents to fill them with confidential paper for our demonstration day. Kitted out with one of our on-site shredding lorries, we were able to show pupils how we and the lorries work together to shred confidential papers. The team discussed with the children why shredding confidential information is so important and what happens after the paper has been shredded.

We also gave the children a fun fact sheet and leaflet that explained the paper recycling process and how Shredall helps recycle on a day-to-day basis. The pupils of Hawthorne were incredibly engaged about recycling week, and had many curious questions to ask about how we recycle, which we were more than happy to answer.

A great day following our successful maths session

Our fun day out at Hawthorne Primary during recycling week comes just a few months after part of our operations team, Kerrie, went into the school to present a maths task using sacks of shredded paper. They were holding a ‘Maths in the workplace’ day to show pupils how maths is important in all industries, and we were thrilled to be able to help.

Here’s what Kerrie had to say about the sessions:

“I started each session with a brief explanation about Shredall SDS Group, and how we can turn used paper into money, then explained how and why maths was so important to do this. To make the sessions fun and engaging to primary aged children, I used visuals and asked the children to guess how many of each different item would weigh the same as a bale of paper, for example how many footballs or packets of crisps. We also looked at profit margins for various mock services and the children deducted manufacturing costs and staff wages from invoices to calculate profits.”

“The second half of the session was incredibly hands-on. We took lots of shredded plain paper and asked the children to guess the weight of various filled containers. Armed with bowls and scales, we asked them to weigh out various quantities of paper. The pupils certainly enjoyed this messy part of the day! We even ended the session with having a competition to see who could clean up the most shredded paper.”

Thank you Hawthorne Primary School!

All in all, we’ve had lots of engaging sessions on paper recycling and paper shredding at Hawthorne Primary School over the past few months. We’d like to thank Hawthorne Primary for having us during their recycling week, and we hope our session with the children had a positive impact!

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