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The Most Instagrammed Coffee Shops in the UK

The Most Instagrammed Coffee Shops in the UK

It is a truth universally acknowledged that independent coffee shops make the best settings for an Instagram post. This new data reveals the most popular venues in the UK by the number of posts about them on Instagram.


This research is perfect for those who love good coffee places but dislike chain coffee outlets. As well as highlighting independent venues across the country that are beloved by users of the ‘gram, it also reveals the cities with the most Instagrammed coffee shops across the UK.


In this blog, we’ve included the highlights, the top 10 list, and an infographic map of the UK. The full data that came out of the research is featured at the bottom, highlighting the three most Instagrammed venues in each of the UK’s 10 largest cities.

The Highlights

No doubt that the most Instagrammed place will come as a surprise to many London-based coffee aficionados, with Steam Yard in Sheffield coming out on top. In total, 8,345 Instagram posts have been published about this independent coffee shop by its many social media fans.


More predictably, London was the number one city overall. The three most popular independent coffee shops in the capital – Palm Vaults, Prufrock Coffee, and Maison Bertaux – have an average of 5,337 posts about them on Instagram. Behind Sheffield’s Steam Yard, Palm Vaults is the second most popular UK venue in the UK with 8,171 posts about it and Maison Bertaux comes in at third with 5,832.


As well as achieving widespread popularity on social media, many of the independent coffee shops analysed as part of this research have made commitments to reduce their impact on the environment. Their environmental initiatives include promises to source their coffee in sustainable ways and use coffee cups that are easily recyclable.


The Top 10 Independent UK Coffee Shops on Instagram

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 most Instagrammed independent UK coffee shops::


  1. Steam Yard in Sheffield (8,345 posts)

Nestled away in Sheffield’s Aberdeen Court, Steam Yard is a cosy establishment that’s best known for its delicious doughnuts and coffee. This venue still manages to feel like a hidden gem despite its enormous presence on Instagram!

  1. Palm Vaults in London (8,171 posts)


The indoor hanging baskets and powder pink colour scheme at Palm Vaults make for a tranquil and Insta-worthy environment in which to sip a drink or take a bite to eat.

  • Maison Bertaux in London (5,832 posts)

    Based in the heart of Soho, this prestigious establishment has been serving coffee and pastries since 1871. Maison Bertaux is famous for its exceptional mille-feuille.


    1. Laynes Espresso in Leeds (2,739 posts)

    You’ll find Laynes Espresso just around the corner from Leeds train station. As well as their amazing flat whites, this venue makes delicious rarebit on sourdough bread.


    1. Full Court Press Speciality Coffee in Bristol (2,476 posts)

    Full Court Press Speciality Coffee is an independent venue that’s serious about its coffee. Often cited as the best coffee place in Bristol, the staff even have specialist knowledge of the blends on offer.


    1. Wired Cafe Bar in Nottingham (2,111 posts)

    A tiny, trendy cafe in the heart of Nottingham’s Creative Quarter, Wired Cafe Bar offers excellent coffee and brunch options in a funky yet homely setting.


    1. Prufrock Coffee in London (2,009 posts)

    This Clerkenwell coffee shop serves a range of unique speciality beverages, with guest coffees coming from all over the world.


    1. Papii in Edinburgh (1,280 posts)

    Papii is a simple, unpretentious venue that offers tasty drinks and food in the centre of Edinburgh. Be sure to try the eggs benedict if you visit.


    1. 6 Degrees Coffee House in Leicester (1,250 posts)

    As charitable as it is popular, 6 Degrees Coffee House donates its profits to Open Hands, a charity that seeks to provide emergency support and care for the vulnerable and disadvantaged.


    1. Deacon’s House Cafe in Edinburgh (1,191 posts)

    Not far from Edinburgh Castle, Deacon’s House Cafe offers a range of beverages and traditional Scottish fare in historic surroundings. Come for the food, stay for the architecture!


    Map of the Most Instagrammed Independent Coffee Shops in the UK


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