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22 Years in Business

22 Years in Business

This year Shredall SDS Group are celebrating their 22nd year anniversary.

Shredall was founded in 1997 by Lloyd Williams where at the time it was only the second mobile shredding company in Europe. Since then the business has grown into Shredall SDS Group with the addition of Document Storage, Scanning and Recycling. Now directed by his two children, Shredall SDS Group has nationwide offices and a team of over 90 valued team members, with over 8,000 satisfied clients in the UK and fulfilled contracts for corporations worldwide.

“Being in business 22 years is a great achievement. I’d like to personally thank every single person who works for Shredall SDS Group because if it wasn’t for their hard work and dedication we wouldn’t be where we are today” Group Chairman, Lloyd Williams.

“We have had great growth in our core business in year 2018-19 showing some good profits which will help us in the next financial year to reinvest into our infrastructure for further growth. The successful year has allowed us to look at other different business ventures. We continue to work hard with honestly and hope the solid foundations in which we are built upon helps our ambition and growth”

Group Managing Director, Nik Williams

Here’s a snippet of what the year ahead looks like:

  • Continuous growth has created job opportunities across our whole business.
  • We have taken on another two warehouses, another on in Nottingham and one in Scotland.
  • Due to constant growth, our Scotland warehouse will have a new paper shredding line. Including a baler and conveyors shredding five tones per hour on top of their current onsite mobile fleet.
  • We are re-branding all Shredall lorries and we have bought two new mobile shredding trucks to add to our fleet to help operations and keep our customers satisfied.
  • We are buying a new roll-on roll-off (RORO) lorry with containers which will allow us to logistically move 9 tons of paper at a time around the UK
  • We are currently working on re-racking a whole depot to create more space for boxes at SDS Document Storage (64,000 extra spaces), reinvesting into the infrastructure of the business.
  • We currently have three secure vaults for document storage and we will be needing a fourth due to the demand in probate, deeds and back up tape storage.
  • Our document scanning has doubled in growth this year and we expect it to continue to grow in 2019.
  • In the UK alone we use 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups every day, which is why Shredall Recycling have partnered with a company in Australia to reduce the waste of paper coffee cups. We will recycle 100% of the paper cup back into paper, tissue and related products. We will be collecting the cups for recycling from offices and takeaway outlets across the UK.
  • Our chairman, Lloyd Williams has opened a Fine Dining restaurant.
  • We are looking to start a chain of self-storage locations across the East midlands called Loft Self Storage. The first one being in Nottingham.


SDS Document Storage and Scanning

Other exciting ventures

“We are very excited about what this year holds, we continue to work hard as a team and business to keep our customers satisfied. We would like to thank everyone for their continued support over the years, we are very much looking forward to the year ahead”.

Nik Williams, Group Managing Director

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