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Is your Confidential Waste Paper Shredded to the Correct Standard Size?

Is your Confidential Waste Paper Shredded to the Correct Standard Size?

As widely reported, two of the biggest document shredding companies in America and here in the UK, have agreed to pay a total of $1.1 million (£750,000) to settle a lawsuit alleging that they defrauded the government by failing to shred sensitive documents as required by their contracts with the United States government. Both companies deny the allegations, but want to resolve the matter to avoid litigation.

Cintas, a multi-billion company continues to contest allegations that it defrauded the federal government by failing to properly shred sensitive documents.

The lawsuit filed in 2010 by document shredding family business owner Mr. Knisely alleged that Iron Mountain, Shred-It, and Cintas, the three largest vendors of secure document-shredding services in the United States and over here in the UK, failed to shred sensitive government documents as required by their contracts with the United States General Services Administration.

These worldwide companies were given highly lucrative contracts to shred highly sensitive documents for federal government agencies, including: the Department of Defence; Department of Homeland Security; Department of Justice; Social Security Administration; Department of the Treasury; and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

To protect the security of government documents, the solicitation unambiguously required that document-shredding vendors use shredders designed to produce residue particles not exceeding a certain mm length. This has not happened; employers did not possess equipment that could shred documents to sizes that small. Also adding to this - a signed certificate of destruction must be issued upon completion of each job, which have also failed to be produced at each service.

Shredall's specialist mobile shredding machines, are fast, efficient and calibrated to shred approximately 3000kgs of paper per hour on high security SEAP and MOD approved lorries. Shredall dispose of confidential documents at your premises, ensuring there is zero chance of your data being put at risk.

Handling all types of secure documents, Shredall can double shred documents in the security of your own premises with our mobile shredding vehicles, our machines reduce particles to no larger than 4mm, guaranteeing there is no possibility of reconstruction.

Our MDX-1 fleet of shredding Lorries are the most secure vehicles in the world. The top-level security vehicle is to support the increasing customer database and assist with the confidential waste shredding we provide for our clients.

Certified to Level 3, our efficient service meets government, DIN and European standards. Shredall also offer a unique mobile or off-site granulation service, to help organisations or departments meet the highest levels of security. We are able to disintegrate material to your required size; our high security shredding service is the only way to protect you or your company’s data.

Designed and manufactured by Canadian company Shred-Tech, Shredall’s onsite shredding machines have a shredding output of 3000kgs per hour in accordance with the European Standard for witnessed shredding at their customer’s doors. The 18 tonne MDX and MDS mobile shredding machines are the most up to date onsite shredding machines in the world.

Collections can be made on an ad hoc or scheduled basis. Shredall's custom built mobile shredding vehicles visit your site/offices, at a predetermined time, and perform on-site shredding of your confidential paper. The destruction process will be witnessed by an appropriate person at our customer’s premises and carried out by a specifically trained Shredall operative.

On completion of the on-site service Shredall will issue a certificate of destruction showing the weight and details of the collection. The shredded waste is then compacted into the rear compartment of the vehicle, locked and transported to our depot where it is baled and picked up for recycling.

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