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Paper Recycling and Climate Change

Paper Recycling and Climate Change

We all know that recycling is very important and that we need to recycle as much as possible. The plastic crisis has been a recent hot topic, yet not enough people have focused on the link between recycling and climate change. Recycling saves energy, reduces deforestation, minimizes greenhouse gas emissions from landfills, and encourages the production of more efficient products.

The reduction of carbon emissions is a key element in fighting climate change, yet the focus of climate change tends to be around transport, aviation and other industries. Recycling saves over 700 tonnes in CO2 emissions every year while reducing the waste sent to landfills. The impacts of ‘fast fashion’ becoming of increasing concern is just one example of an industry that is a major contributor to greenhouse gases and pollution. Clothing can be shredded, given to charity or sold online instead of being left in landfill.

When going to throw something out, stop and think can this be recycled? Shredall SDS Group are able to recycle many items from clothing, paper, coffee cups to hard drives.

Paper recycling reduces climate change in the following ways:

Saves Energy- The production of recycled paper uses 65% less energy than paper production using raw materials. Reducing energy consumption reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Tree Preservation- Recycling a ton of paper saves 17 trees from being cut down. Each tree helps reduce global warming as trees capture and hold carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas.

Saving Water- The production of recycled paper uses 80% less water than paper production using raw materials, reducing methane and nitrous oxide.

Stop and think- You can recycle more kinds of paper than you think. Notebooks, Newspapers, envelopes, magazines, brochures, receipts and food cartons (to name just a few!).

We can work together to combat climate change, Shredall SDS Group recycle 100% of paper waste, including cardboard. We are committed to making sure that none of the waste we recycle goes to landfill. Contact our team or get a quick quote with us.

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