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Shredall Scotland marks 10th birthday by rubbing shoulders with Hollywood star

Shredall Scotland marks 10th birthday by rubbing shoulders with Hollywood star

What do Shredall Scotland and Benedict Cumberbatch have in common? Both the Oscar-nominated star and the Shredall SDS group’s Scottish branch played key roles in sky Atlantic’s forthcoming drama, Patrick Melrose.

The TV show, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, was filmed in Glasgow, near Shredall Scotland’s Larkhall facility, making them the ideal choice to shred scripts and other production materials that Sky Atlantic, understandably, wouldn’t want to fall into the wrong hands.

This unique opportunity for our company came as Shredall Scotland prepares to celebrate its 10th birthday. For almost a decade, the Scottish branch of the Shredall SDS group has been a key part in the family-run business growing out of its Nottingham roots and establishing a genuine national presence across the UK.

Brian McCulloch, Shredall Scotland’s general manager, commented: “I’m incredibly proud of all the work the team has put in to get us to where we are after 10 years.

“The opportunity to work with a company like Sky Atlantic was only possible because of the reputation that we’ve built up as a local office here in Scotland. We’ll keep working hard to make the business here as successful as it can be for the next 10 years!”

The Shredall SDS group’s founder and chairman, Lloyd Williams, also spoke about what branches like Shredall Scotland bring to the company, “Much of what we’re able to do as a national business is made possible by branches like Shredall Scotland.

“We get the opportunity to work on jobs like this TV series because our local branches are trusted in their areas. Shredall Scotland gives us a presence around Glasgow and Edinburgh that we simply wouldn’t have otherwise.

“Brian’s team does exceptional work, shown by jobs like the Sky Atlantic shredding project and the recognition they’ve received at events like the Glasgow Business Awards 2017. As we come up to the celebration of Shredall Scotland’s 10th birthday, I would like to extend my thanks and congratulations to the team in Larkhall for all that they’ve achieved since 2007."

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