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Supporting our local food bank

Supporting our local food bank

Shredall SDS Group started the new year on a high by giving back to our local community. We decided to collect food items and take it to our local foodbank in Bestwood and Bulwell, Nottingham, to help those in need of food.

How Foodbanks work

Everyday there are people in the UK that go hungry for reasons that are usually out of their control. Whether it’s redundancy, receiving an unexpected bill or having a low income. A simple box from a foodbank can make all the difference and helps prevent crime, house loss, family breakdown and mental health issues. All you need to do is take your non-perishable in-date foods to your local foodbank or supermarket and they will do the rest.

What we did

We asked the team to collect non-perishable food after the Christmas holidays for one month. We found where our nearest foodbank was and gathered a small team together to deliver all the food collected from the Shredall SDS Group team.

Why you should give to your local foodbank

Giving to a foodbank helps people break free from poverty by providing additional support to help people resolve the problems they face. Foodbanks rely on the support of local communities to help end hunger.

Donations of food is important for eliminating food waste, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of decent food gets wasted by the UK every year. While millions of people are struggling to afford to eat, think before throwing out the tin of soup you have kept in the back of your cupboard for months. Instead go down to your local foodbank and help someone else.

“Thank you for your very generous donation to the Bestwood and Bulwell Foodbank. Please accept and pass on our thanks to everyone involved as it is very much appreciated and will help us to continue our work in the local community”

Denise Mead, Volunteer Administrator

Here is where you can find your local food bank

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