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Vaults within a vault

Vaults within a vault

Shredall SDS Group the data security experts here at our Nottingham HQ are pleased to announce their latest project to create a vault within their vault.

What does this mean?

The uniqueness of SDS’s data storage depots is that they have a Vault that is underneath their main warehouse which is 43,000 sq feet and it is made up of pillars that hold the warehouse floor above. Before Shredall SDS Group used the vault, it was used for high value computer distribution. When SDS took over the premises it lent itself to create vaults within vaults for the storage of higher security documents like deeds and probate documents.

When the first vault was created in the year 2000, the company envisaged that it would take up to 10 years to fill it – we are now 3 vaults full and with a new vault being racked out, solid walls with electronic access doors and cameras being erected to house 100,000 deeds and probate documents for one of the City’s largest LLP’s.

Shredall SDS Group owner and founder Lloyd Williams comments,

“It’s because of the uniqueness of the building it has always been intended to create Tombs, Vaults and offer higher degrees of security at our facility. Because of the nature of these documents the facility has constant temperature and humidity control installed to preserve the documents life in their original state’.

Nik Williams the company’s Group Sales Director also commented, “SDS had almost created a fifth string to the successful business models of document scanning, storage, shredding and recycling at the end of life.” He continues “the company was becoming specialists in another different growth area where clients are given the opportunity to catalogue and record documents for storage whilst also having the scope to cleanse and thin out documents that have been stored for 10’s of years without any document management to shred.”

To learn more about SDS’s security vaults please go to –

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