Published 30th of January 2014

The challenge

Wakefield Council wanted to improve their process for disposing of confidential waste securely. They asked Shredall to come up with ideas that provided value for money, yet were secure, efficient and hassle free.

The solution

Shredall placed 110 secure consoles at main points around their offices. Our operations manager worked with the Council’s facilities manager to keep a log of the consoles via Shredall’s software. This allowed Wakefield Council to give each cabinet and bin a unique barcode, making it possible to provide a full audit trail of waste.

Every fortnight Shredall arrives at an agreed site on the council grounds and collects all consoles, sacks and bins for to be securely shredded by our mobile shredding machines. The scheduled service fits our client’s requirements perfectly and gives better value for money than their previous arrangement.

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