It’s not just paper documents that need to be destroyed securely. There are times when safeguarding your data or brand means you need to destroy all kinds of items – from old uniforms and out-of-date or faulty products to the digital data that’s stored on a retired computer.

We work closely with your business to understand the types of data destruction you require to effectively protect your brand as a whole. Our services are completely secure, with each of our staff members closely following our secure data destruction policy.

We have the capabilities and specialist equipment to collect and shred or destroy a wide variety of items, in virtually any volume. To find out more and discuss how we're able to increase the security of your brand, contact our data destruction experts.

"I am more than happy with Shredall. I have absolutely no issues; deliveries are always on time with no discrepancies... one of the better suppliers."
Assistant Materials Planner Procurement, Facilities & Commissioning- NHS Scotland