Failing to dispose of old IT equipment securely can leave your company vulnerable to data exposure. Think of how much information is stored on a hard drive. If it’s not correctly cleansed and reformatted, sensitive data such as employee, customer and product information could still be recovered and used – with detrimental consequences.

In response to this growing problem, Shredall offers a complete WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) destruction service. We can securely collect, shred and recycle all kinds of electronic waste, including hard drives, flash storage, memory cards and laptops.

All waste has a complete audit trail and appropriate duty-of-care paperwork, and we’ll issue a certificate of destruction issued for all equipment used throughout the process. We can even produce a barcode validation report should you need one.

Recycle, not reuse

From our years of expertise, we advise our customers against selling on IT equipment or parts for reuse or refurbishment. This can fall into the wrong hands quite easily, and creates vulnerability for your business's sensitive information. Shredding is the most robust method of data destruction, and the only way to guarantee your data is safe.

At the same time, we’re very mindful of environmental impact, and pledge to recycle all shredded or destroyed material where possible. Our target, which is in keeping with our ISO 14001 accreditation, is to recycle 100% of all non-contaminated waste.

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