Failing to dispose of digital records or old IT equipment securely can leave your company in breach of data protection laws as well as vulnerable to data exposure. Whatever your line of business, the growing threat of identity fraud means it is now more important than ever to ensure you have a secure method of disposal for hard drives and other electronic information.

Shredall SDS Group offers a complete WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) destruction service. We can securely collect, shred and recycle all kinds of electronic waste, including hard drives, flash storage, memory cards and laptops.

All waste has a complete audit trail and appropriate duty-of-care paperwork, and we’ll issue a certificate of destruction issued for all equipment. We can even produce a barcode validation report should you need one.

Digital Hard Drive Destruction

With the majority of businesses taking their practices online, it is also important to consider destroying confidential digital drives. This can include; flash drives (memory sticks), SD cards, CDs, DVDs, audio and video tapes. A simple deletion on a digital drive is not enough to protect your business from previous security data to be obtained. Completely destroying your digital drives will ensure your data can't be obtained by identity thieves in the future.

Recycle, not reuse

From our years of expertise, we advise our customers against selling on IT equipment or parts for reuse or refurbishment. This can fall into the wrong hands quite easily, and creates vulnerability for your business's sensitive information. Shredding is the most robust method of data destruction, and the only way to guarantee your data is safe.

At the same time, we’re very mindful of environmental impact, and pledge to recycle all shredded or destroyed material where possible. Our target, which is in keeping with our ISO 14001 accreditation, is to recycle 100% of all non-contaminated waste.

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