SDS Document Storage specialise in providing secure deed storage services to legal practices and mortgage lenders around the UK. Our secure underground vault stores thousands of property deeds, all of which are barcoded and scanned for easy retrieval.

What are Deeds?

Title deeds are the official record of who owns the title to a property. Deeds contain details of mortgages, boundaries, rights of way, and any other parties with an interest in the property. Although the Land Registry now manages all house deeds online, the original documents still have legal, personal, commercial and historical value, meaning they must be stored safely and securely.

House deeds are sensitive documents and should always be kept away from malicious third-parties. While storing them in your legal practice or business may seem like the obvious choice, the reality is most businesses are unable to store these documents in keeping with industry standards. Cupboards, boxes and cabinets may seem safe, but with people coming and going all the time, it is extremely difficult to always know who has removed what documents, and where it was taken to.

Where Shall I Store House Title Deeds?

We understand the stress and space that house title deeds can take up. We also understand the importance of safeguarding important documents. Our secure deed storage vault ensures complete transparency throughout the storing process to peace of mind that the deeds are safe.

House Deeds Retrieval and Collection

If you need to access your stored deeds, you’re welcome to view documents in our audit room, or they can be returned to you via our cost-effective delivery service. Simply email us or use our online ordering service, and we’ll deliver it as and when you need it.

"SDS offer a same day speedy delivery service, they are obliging, personable, have knowledgeable staff and offer an excellent service."
Archive Management Department - Midlands based Solicitors