Businesses governed by the Financial Standards Authority must keep copies off specific financial documents for several years. This necessity can cause issues with storage, security and confidentiality. You might be concerned about disaster recover, or may not have the space for longer-term storage.

SDS Document Storage can help. We work with companies across all sectors, including the financial and accounting industry, to provide secure, bespoke archive storage. We hold a huge range of financial documents including invoices, purchase orders, payroll records, mortgage documents and credit agreements.

We are able to provide:


Secure Storage

Our storage facility is covered by 24-hour CCTV and is fire and flood resistant, with fire and burglar alarms linked to police and fire stations via BT’s Redcare service. The building features a Paxton-controlled door-entry system and can only be accessed by our DBS-checked staff.


Barcode Tracking

We use a barcode tracking system to ensure compliance and maintain Data Protection. Your financial documents are indexed and placed in storage boxes with barcodes attached. These barcodes are scanned as they’re loaded into our collection vans, then scanned again at three points throughout the journey. It means you can easily track your financial documents and request access to the documents you need, when you need them.


24-hour Retrieval

Our fast retrieval service means you can easily access your stored financial records at any time. Simply call, email or use our online ordering service to arrange a convenient delivery date and time – we even offer same-day or next-day delivery. One of our DBS-checked drivers will deliver your documents and collect and return them to our storage facility once you’ve finished with them.

"Let me thank you once again for the fantastic service you provide. You always listen to our needs and doing everything possible to help us – sometimes with very little notice. "Just recently you delivered a high volume of files in time for an urgent review, and your warehouse staff really went the extra mile in December, when SDS had a Christmas event on and we submitted an urgent request just after the cut-off time. They stayed to help us even though it made them late, and we really appreciated that."
Document Services Manager- A National Finance Corporation