Published 17th of April 2013

ISO 27001 is an Information Security Accreditation which aims to improve our I.T security. It is especially important to Shredall SDS Group as our primary business activities include, the collection and destruction of confidential waste and off-site document storage and electronic document management services, such as document scanning.

As an organisation, Shredall SDS Group stores a variety of information about customers, staff, and suppliers amongst others. Several recent high profile incidents of sensitive data being lost by government departments and commercial organisations have raised awareness of the issue of information security amongst the general public. Shredall SDS Group feel we have a duty to ensure that all reasonable precautions are taken to prevent the loss or unauthorised disclosure of its information, majority of which is confidential.

Just as we can be fined under the Data Protection Act for confidential records landing in the wrong hands, we can also be fined if our I.T systems are hacked and sensitive customer information is obtained or we leave a lap top / memory stick on a train and it lands in the wrong hands.

As we continue to build our scanning department, customer data will be hosted on our server and it is imperative to keep data in an environment which is as secure as possible.

ISO 27001 is internationally recognised. New business and existing customers could require us to be accredited before they work with us.

It also complements other management standards we have, such as ISO 9001, OHSAS & ISO14001.

As a confidential waste and confidential storage and scanning company we know ISO 27001 will improve our management of information security making a tangible, positive difference to the business.

Gaining ISO 27001 will, give our customers, board members and supplier’s peace of mind that their data is as secure as possible and it will show evidence of our commitment to information security best practice.

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