Published 7th of August 2018

Shredall SDS Group are thrilled to announce that they have recently invested in an articulated (artic) lorry. The vehicle, which is the largest legally allowed on the UK’s roads, will have the capacity to collect large pallets in bulk for shredding or boxes on pallets for document storage.

The growing fleet will allow it to better serve its customers as the extra capacity will mean faster turnaround times. The vehicle will also provide Shredall SDS Group with the ability to deliver to the paper mills, rather than rely on the collection of shredded paper.

Given the artic lorries potential for reducing the company’s carbon footprint through more efficient deliveries, the news will be particularly welcomed by clients who are also looking to reduce their environmental impact in 2018.

Nik Williams, MD at Shredall SDS Group, was excited by the potential improvements the new lorry could bring to logistic efficiency. He comments, “The savings this will bring will make a huge difference to how we operate, making us more efficient and competitive than ever before. When transporting loads of more than 22 tons of material over 50 times per month, it became increasingly clear that it was time for us to do so on our own wheels.”

“We have promoted one of our long serving drivers to drive this class one vehicle and I think the purchase has added a boost to the team that we continue to diversify and move forward.”

The articulated lorry, which has three trailers, is likely to be just the first for Shredall SDS Group as we look to expand further in the future. We already recycle 100% of paper waste given to us, as well as cardboard and electronic product waste, but with the lorry, Shredall SDS will be taking even more baled materials to UK recycling mills.