Paper Recycling in Glasgow

Shredall Scotland’s services don’t stop with shredding. Scotland’s zero waste targets incentivise every Scottish business to recycle as much as they can, and we want to help you meet the highest environmental standards by offering paper recycling from our Bellshill depot.

Helping Scotland recycle

Our North Lanarkshire base is perfectly placed; our fleet of state of the art vehicles is able to make daily journeys into Glasgow and beyond, including Edinburgh, Livingstone, Aberdeen, Falkirk and Dundee. If you need us to travel further, you can also arrange to have us visit you elsewhere in Scotland or in the north of England.

How our process works

We can shred your confidential waste documents on your premises or back at our Larkhall depot. Wherever we destroy your documents, our recycling service ensures that none of the waste material will go to landfill.

Once we have shredded the documents, paper is sorted into different qualities. White paper is pulped in tanks to wash off any ink, then screened to remove any debris. The pulp is then cleaned further, with whitening agent added.

It is then passed over a vibrating machine or through rollers which removes most of the water (which can be reused in the process) and the rest of the material is heated and dried to remove the remaining excess water.

Eventually, the new paper is formed into massive rolls that weigh tonnes, and can then be quality tested and reused. Other grades of paper can go through a similar process, but at the end of the whole thing they are blown to create enormous reels of tissue, which can be converted into a number of products.

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Get in touch

If you’re a business or individual based in Glasgow or any other Scottish cities and you’re interested in our paper recycling and shredding services, we would love to hear from you.Contact usby clicking on the Quick Quote button above or by calling us at 0808 109 1791. We'll arrange the best service for your business.


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