Published 20th of June 2019

Since the start of GDPR we have seen many breaches and failures in destroying personal data due to human error. With so many well-known organisations being fined for the loss of sensitive data, it’s understandable that any reasonable business wants to protect themselves from a breach. Shredding is the best way to ensure that all physical data is appropriately destroyed to safeguard your customers personal information. Simply throwing away or manually ripping up paper documents is not enough to protect valuable data and meet compliancy standards.

Although GDPR does not specify which level of shredding security is required to be compliant we suggest it is better to be safe than sorry. Not using the correct office shredder can pose a potential risk for a data breach. Many of the smaller types of shredders that are found in most offices shred documents into vertical strips. The pieces of these documents can be easily pieced back together, either manually or with computer software programmes, leaving businesses unwittingly exposed to a potential data breach.

Cross cut shredding is the most effective shredding technique as it is impossible to reconstruct documents as the shredder reduces confidential materials to fine pieces of confetti. You may already have a cross cut shredder in your office which is great but there are still several security issues you could potentially contend with. Employees top priority isn’t shredding paper, which means it usually gets forgotten about and left to pile up on people’s desks, next to the shredder or thrown in the recycling bin.

If you’re shredding your own documents in-house make sure:

  1. Your shredder is a cross cut shredder
  2. Employees understand the importance of shredding personal data and the process they need to take to shred documents
  3. It’s clear what documents should be shredded- implementing an information security policy is important
  4. You audit employees work areas to ensure documents are actually getting shredded. Check your recycling bins to check that your employees are placing the correct documents in the recycling.

If you feel like you don’t have the time to shred your documents yourself, we can be trusted to securely destroy your documents on-site or off-site. Shredall SDS Group machines meet EN15713 security level 3, suitable for most sensitive or confidential information and produces cross-cut strips of 16mm. In ultra-high security mode, the machines meet the requirements of EN15713 security level 6, suitable for confidential and top-secret data that, if disclosed, could have severe consequences. The cross-cut action reduces paper of 2mm stripes or pieces with a maximum surface area of 320mm2. After the paper is shredded it is compacted under massive pressure into solid bales ready for transportation to a recycler. Our security vetted staff are there to handle the destruction from start to finish and provide a certificate of destruction once the job is complete.