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Physical Security Fundamentals

Physical Security Fundamentals

Protecting sensitive information is a must, whether it’s through secure document storage or removing sensitive documents for disposal.However making sure your physical premises has safety precautions and safety plans in place is also crucial. Every business, no matter what shape or size, needs to secure their premises from physical attacks as well as defending themselves against cyber threats.

Physical security comprises everything that would stop unwanted visitors from getting their hands-on company equipment or private information and is increasingly being neglected in favour of cybersecurity measures. Keeping your property safe should be a high priority for any business, which is why we’ve put this security guide together to help you keep your premises safe and secure.

Deterrence Factors

What stops criminals from entering your business property? If your business security presents too much risk against the potential rewards, then criminals will be put off and are going to look elsewhere. Look at your business’ security and see if anything needs adding or updating to ensure you have active deterrence methods to stop criminals attempting break-ins. Do you have the following?

  • CCTV cameras
  • Fire & alarm systems
  • Security lights
  • Smart locks and access controls
  • Physical presence of security personnel

Adequate Lighting

Having poorly-lit premises makes you an easy target as intruders feel they can’t be easily identified. Good lighting is not just important for the interior of your building, but it is also a must for the exterior. Always leave a light on when you leave the office so police and security can see into your building and for the perimeter, always maintain good lighting on doors and in car parks.

Secure the perimeter

Ensure the surroundings of your building is gated with high fencing or make sure all entrances to the site have a safety barrier, padlocks or high-quality locks. Use anti climb measures like spikes on top of gates, these permanent measures will make it more difficult for intruders to enter the grounds of your premises.

Smart Access

Consider smart locks and automatic door lock systems instead of standard locks. These are more expensive but give you an added element of control, making it easy to restrict or change access without needing new locks. Here at Shredall SDS Group we have smart keypads and fob entry devices, that lets us know who has entered and left our shredding barn and office, as well as allowing us to quickly remove access if necessary.

Depending what type of business you are, will determine what level of access you will need. If you are a small business a standard lock would work well or if you’re a business who needs high security a fob/key pad system would ensure the highest security protection.

Emergency Plans

Whether you are at home or at the office, you should always have set emergency plans in place. All staff members should know what to do in an emergency, an evacuation plan should be outlined and displayed in a prominent area where your employees can view it. Instructions should include what to do in case of a fire, flood, robberies or theft. Any safety handbooks should include complete contact numbers for the police and emergency services.

Secure valuable good in safes

Placing your valuables within safes stops criminals that make it past all the security from taking the most important assets you own. Things such as technology, files and documents, cash or valuable stock. Safes are the ultimate protective method business can deploy when it comes to physical asset protection. For high security measures ensure your safe is complete with multiple access methods, from number combinations to biometric scans. Make sure its fixed properly to the floor, making it impossible to take from the building, the use of a safe can ensure your valuables remain exactly where you want.

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