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Save space and money

Save space and money

Written by Jason – Operations and Warehouse Manager

Are you keeping boxes in archive storage longer than required?

Destruction of records is an important part of records management. Properly done, it ensures that the organisation retains records only for as long as needed and then destroyed.

A managed process will benefit your company by:

avoiding ongoing storage costs

● complying with the 5th principle of the Data Protection Act (organisations should not keep personal information longer than necessary)

finding and retrieving information is quicker and easier because there is less to search

responding to requests is more efficient

If you are unsure how long to keep records, SDS can offer retention guidance. Our software will log review dates and send you a report when records are ready for destruction. This can be carried out monthly (to spread costs) or annually – a schedule to suits your requirements.

Boxes are never destroyed without written authorisation. If you decide a file should not be destroyed, we simply set a new review date and continue to store.

For more information on retention guidelines and destruction, contact our team today- or call 0115 9777 320.

Please join us at our Lunch and Learn on Wednesday 8th March 2017 for an education on all of SDS services that will benefit you and your company.

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