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Why should our clients think about using Active Web?

Why should our clients think about using Active Web?

Written by Lucy – Group Company Director

Why should our clients think about using Active Web?

Active web is our bespoke online records management software, helping users locate and manage archived files efficiently.

We import your existing archive spreadsheet into our software and train your staff to make the transition easy for you.

We often hear, “my excel spreadsheet does that, why would I use Active web?”

Maintaining accuracy on spreadsheets is difficult and the increased likelihood of human error is almost inevitable with larger quantities of information. Excel’s lack of validation and potential copy-paste errors make it extra easy to slip in mistakes.

Excel works OK until more than one person starts using it. After the spreadsheet is copied or edited confusion often ensues. There is no system to tell us who changed what and when.

This lack of audit trail makes it hard to keep your data in sync. It can be challenging to spot and correct errors, especially with larger volumes of data.

More users mean different methods of archiving. Suddenly, your archive spreadsheet becomes too complicated to manage and you struggle to locate the correct file back from storage.

A computer crash, hardware failure or virus can potentially lose and destroy your spreadsheet.

A disgruntled staff member may intentionally jeopardise data (by deleting important information).

Active web can safeguard your information and improve your processes

When your staff prepare boxes to go offsite to SDS, they will log box and file information to Active web. Mandatory fields ensure file / box information is completed correctly. This reduces human error and ensures there are no gaps in the data.

Multiple Users can access your archived information. However, you can add different levels of security to ensure only the right person/people can see or edit a file or box. We can also set up departmental access. For example, your sales staff cannot access HR files or your apprentice cannot order files to be destroyed but your Managing Director can. These controls help you maintain the integrity of your database.

If permission is granted, you can access active web from home or another location.

You can add additional information to the file such as a scanned image.

SDS can scan a file back from storage and upload for immediate access if you require a file urgently.

Active web saves a history of all files / boxes moving in and out of storage. We record the time, date and user to track movement. In the unlikely event of an error, you can trace back to find a missing record.

Active Web is hosted in a secure UK based data centre and is more secure than open access on your computer.

Active web offers excellent reports. You can review when files need to be destroyed. This will reduce ongoing storage costs and keep you up to date with Data Protection laws.

You will be able to de-clutter your office by sending an ‘overdue’ memo to employees who retrieve files and do not send back to storage.

Other reports are available and can be tailor made to your requirements.

If you think SDS's bespoke software could improve your processes, we can offer a free demonstration either at your office or you can come to our lunch and learn on Wednesday 8th March – please contact Lucy Shipley – for more information.

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