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Why Should I Outsource Shredding?

Why Should I Outsource Shredding?

Whilst in-house shredding may seem like the cost effective way to keep your document destruction in control, it might be doing more harm than good. Outsourcing your shredding isn't just about security; it's a strategic move that unlocks efficiency, peace of mind, and keeps you compliant with the law

Read on to find out the top reasons why you should outsource your shredding services.  

1. Improve security

Outsourcing your shredding elevates security to a whole new level, offering significant advantages over the shredding employees complete in-house. Rather than having office document storage that’s vulnerable to security breaches, outsourced shredding companies have secure facilities and locked collection bins and consoles, that never leave the eye of DBS-checked professionals. 

And when it’s up to employees to destroy the documents, sensitive documents can often be overlooked or left waiting for the next session of shredding, again leaving information vulnerable to theft. Outsourcing eliminates the human element, reducing the risk of accidental exposure or intentional misuse of confidential information. 

2. Save time & money

The hidden costs of shredding add up over time. An office shredder is initially budget-friendly, but with electricity, maintenance and disposal costs, it can become a costly investment. And with the physical act of shredding eating into your valuable employee hours–sorting documents, removing staples, feeding the machine–this time adds up to lost productivity, and ultimately money. 

Office shredders also don’t cross cut the paper, which means if it gets into the wrong hands the documents can be pieced back together. 

3. Simplify compliance 

Complying with data protection regulations like GDPR can feel like navigating a minefield; a simple misstep can lead to hefty fines and reputational damage. With an outsourced shredding service, you’ll get a company that’s ahead of the curve when it comes to data protection regulations, ensuring your destruction processes are always in line with the latest laws. 

With a reputable company, you’ll get a data destruction certificate that serves as a document of proof, mitigating potential penalties in the event of a breach. On top of that, they’ll take care of the entire shredding process, from secure collection bins and consoles to the on-site shredding itself, leaving no room for ambiguity. 

4. Enhance efficiency 

Outsourcing shredding seamlessly integrates with your existing processes. Instead of letting confidential documents pile up, simply put them into secure collection receptacles placed at shredding points, and the shredding team will do the rest, freeing up valuable office space. 

Employees spend less of their time shredding paper, allowing them to focus their attention on their real tasks. By letting another company focus on their expertise, paper shredding, you can focus on what you do best, helping boost your productivity. 

5. Peace of mind: Secure, guaranteed document destruction & management

Overall, outsourced shredding is a secure solution that guarantees document destruction, whilst also guaranteeing compliance, security of information, and traceability of the documents. Outsourcing shredding means you’ll have a robust shredding process, from dropping the document into a receptacle or shredding bin, to receiving a certificate of destruction. Not only that, it’ll save your employees valuable time too!

Find the best outsourced shredding service for your business 

The benefits of outsourcing your shredding extend far beyond convenience. Your business will be able to relax in the knowledge that your confidential information is secure, and your team can focus on their jobs. If you’re looking for a shredding partner, here are some things you might want to consider:

  • Reputation & experience: Does the company have a track record for excellence? How many years have they been in the business?
  • Services: Do you have specific needs, such as IT media destruction?
  • Security measures: Do they offer a certificate of destruction? How trustworthy are their employees?
  • Compliance: How do they stay up to date with data protection regulations?

At Shredall SDS Group, we have over 27 years of experience in the document destruction industry. We’ve received the Platinum Trusted Service Award from Feefo multiple times, and our employees go through a rigorous DBS process to ensure our high standards of security

And with compliance at the forefront of our services, you can be assured that our outsourced shredding services will give you peace of mind. Get in touch with us today to discuss your outsourced shredding needs. 

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