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It's Recycling Week! Find out how we’ve made a difference with our school tour

It's Recycling Week! Find out how we’ve made a difference with our school tour

After so many successful sustainability days throughout this year, we thought we’d go even bigger and better for this year’s Recycle Week! Every week leading up to this Recycle Week, we’ve visited schools around the country to teach them about recycling, making our very own recycling tour to help children champion sustainable practices.

This year’s Recycle Week will take place from 16th - 22nd of October, and is the 20th anniversary of Recycle Week, which means their mission to inspire children, families and communities to actively participate in recycling is more important than ever!


Leading our very own recycling tour across the country

The Recycle Week campaign focuses on schools, encouraging children to participate in fun-packed activities during Recycle Week, as well as collaborating with local authorities, partners and brands to amplify the message of recycling for good.

To contribute to this Recycling Week, we embarked on a journey to schools across the nation to educate children about the significance of recycling. Our goal was to shed light on our paper recycling process and demonstrate how children can integrate recycling into their daily lives.

This year’s theme is the ‘The Big Recycling Hunt’, aiming to highlight the importance of capturing commonly overlooked recyclables in people’s homes. And with this theme, we thought we’d make our recycling tour even better by going on a recycling hunt around each school we visited.

Our team visited various cities, including Glasgow, Leeds, Nottingham, Newark, Birmingham, Dudley, Luton, and London. We engaged with students from Reception to Year 5, sharing knowledge about recycling processes and distributing high-visibility jackets, informative leaflets, and shredding sacks.


What is our approach to educating?

During our visits, we provided children with a firsthand experience of our paper shredding process. They had the unique opportunity to witness the entire journey of paper recycling, from collection on our specialised shredding trucks, right through to the end product.


Before our arrival, we sent shredding sacks to the children, allowing them to fill the sacks with waste paper documents that they could recycle on our truck. This hands-on experience demonstrated how their contributions significantly impact the recycling process.

One school we visited in Hertfordshire, a part of an eco school project, had this to say about their experience in Recycle Week 2023:

“The children have been involved in lots of activities including litter picking and developing a school garden and the visit from Shredall SDS Group was perfect. The whole event was excellent. Thanks so much for organising and the children got so much out of it!”


Raising awareness and inspiring the younger generations

Our efforts during these school visits aimed to raise awareness about the value of recycling and inspire children to think innovatively about how they can contribute to recycling initiatives, preparing them for the big Recycling Week. By teaching them how recycling works and involving them in this important environmental issue, we strive to help bring awareness to younger people as they grow up.

We’d like to thank the different primary schools across the UK for having us during their recycling week, and that the children take away some interesting ideas about how they can recycle at home!


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