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Why your business should scrap the office Shredder in 2021

Why your business should scrap the office Shredder in 2021

An office shredder may seem like a cost-effective and easy option for destroying your confidential documents. However, an office or home shredder isn’t the safest option when it comes to protecting yourself and your business.

Let’s discover some of the reasons why shredding documents using a standard shredder can put you at risk of a data breach and other stressful problems that you can avoid.

It actually costs more

The initial cost of an office shredder is often fairly inexpensive, which at first glance seems like the cheapest and easiest option. However, you also need to factor in the additional ongoing costs that can really add up over time. For instance, the maintenance costs of a shredder and electing/training your staff to destroy documents.

The time that is spent by employees shredding their own documents actually costs you more in wages than hiring an external company to come on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis.

It’s time consuming

We already spend so much time organising our documents and keeping on top of our data. The last thing you want your staff to worry about is shredding their own documents, which takes away time from their day-to-day activities.

Using a shredding company increases productivity, if you’re worried about the stress of relying on your staff to destroy their documents use a professional shredding company to keep your data secure.

Lack of proof if there’s a data breach

The worst consequence for any business is to be hit by a data breach. If this happens you will be asked to provide proof that you have destroyed your documents securely. With an office or home shredder you can’t provide the evidence needed to prove the document in question has been securely destroyed.

When you choose a trusted document destruction company, you will always be provided with a Certificate of Destruction as proof of your compliance.

Unsecured Data Storage

If documents that need destruction are left to pile up in open bins, filing cabinets or on desks until someone has time to shred them, you’re opening yourself to a risk of theft. Lockable consoles are essential to data security to reduce the risk of data theft or misplacing of data.

Shredall SDS Group shredding services give you peace of mind

Our professional shredding service securely crosscuts paper into small strips of paper that guarantees your documents can’t be pieced back together. There are many options for a shredding service to suit your business needs. We offer on-site, off-site, ad-hoc or scheduled shredding service all over the UK.

All our shredding services can be found here.

Our home shredding service

With many of us working from home, you may have started to accumulate paperwork at your house. When in the office you may have designated lockable shredding consoles to discard any unwanted documents. At home, paper documents are more than likely stacking up on your desk, which can be stressful and may cause misplacing of documents.

Our home shredding service can help you securely destroy any unwanted documents lying around at home. We can arrange a collection from your house and take the paper documents to our secure facility for shredding or we can shred your documents outside your house on our mobile shredding vehicles. Whichever service you choose, you will receive a certificate of destruction as proof of destruction.

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