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Document Scanning for a Care Home

Document Scanning for a Care Home

The Challenge

Our client, a Derby-based care home with four UK sites, approached us looking to solve three common problems. Firstly, they were running out of space and needed a more efficient way to manage their documents. Secondly, retrieving residents’ files was taking too long. And finally, they needed a way for several staff members across different sites to access the same information.

The Solution

Straight away, it was clear our Document Scanning electronic archiving service could solve all three problems. By scanning the care home’s records, we could free up their storage space and give staff quick, easy desktop access to all files.

We assigned a project manager, who worked closely with our client to find a solution that would be both time and cost-effective for them. We then drew up a clear proposal addressing their needs.

Shredall SDS Group use high-volume production scanners, which means we can process large volumes of paper records quickly and efficiently. We’ve also invested in world-renowned digitising software. Over two months, we scanned the care home’s entire backlog of residential care files, accounts documentation and HR records. The documents were uploaded to our online facility, meaning staff can now work independently from each office.

Once files were quality checked, the original documents were destroyed using before being recycled. The whole process was carried out to the highest security standards and in compliance with GDPR.

The Result

Our client was delighted at the difference our service has made and was impressed that we were able to take care of their every need, right down to secure shredding and recycling.

“The space saving in each home has been phenomenal. We can now retrieve records instantly, without having to search through hundreds of archive boxes. Our care team can completely concentrate of providing the best possible care and attention to our residents.” Manager, national care home

Shredall SDS Group scans and shreds thousands of documents for our clients. We can index and scan your documents for you. Ready to retrieve using our online document management software or use our scan on demand service for instant retrieval of your stored documents.

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