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How Our Mobile Workforce System Has Impacted Shredall SDS Group

How Our Mobile Workforce System Has Impacted Shredall SDS Group

We discussed in an earlier post about how we launched a new software – a complete end-to-end solution – incorporating a CRM, scheduling, routing and accounts package.

The adoption of the platform has helped Shredall SDS Group in revolutionising its formerly paper-dependent processes by implementing fully digital workflows. We’re proud to announce this transition has led to reduced expenditures and enhanced client correspondence.


How we're using the operational app to improve efficiency

Through the newly implemented solution, our drivers are now equipped with tablets, enabling real-time synchronisation with our various offices and depots across the country. This innovative system has not only driven heightened sales and improved customer service, but has also significantly elevated overall operational efficiency for Shredall SDS Group.

Group Director, Lucy Shipley comments:

“This software incorporates customer relationship management, job scheduling, live tracking of vehicles, resource management, finance and business intelligence in one simple platform. We can ensure operations run efficiently and we offer high standards of customer service. It's important to us that our customers are happy from inquiry to invoice.”


Our operational app and the future

Continual evolution and adaptation

Our operational app represents the ethos of continual evolution. Recognising the ever-changing business landscape and evolving customer expectations, Shredall SDS Group has welcomed the new system. As emerging technologies shape the future, our operational app has prepared us to drive skill, competitiveness, and relevance.

How are we doing this?

We are using almost all features from our internal system. We use the CRM part to manage our customer information, send batch emails, and keep track of our sales opportunities.

This had a positive impact on the business as we can share information easily across the business. We aimed to become paperless for all our waste management documents. We used to have two sheets of paper per job to scan and archive in our business. With about 1500 jobs on average per month, which was very time-consuming. Now, with our new system, we’re completely paper free!

Expanding horizons

The operational app's triumph has set the stage for further exploration. Shredall SDS Group expects to leverage the app to explore and expand service offerings. Whether infiltrating new markets, developing internal systems from scanning and stock and equipment features, or deepening customer engagement, the operational app forms the bedrock upon which these ambitious efforts will be built.

How are we doing this?

We would like to see the development of the Stock and Equipment features from our mobile workforce management system. This could be beneficial to track our bin and console placements with a scanning process.

We plan to experiment with the use of a mobile workforce system for our scanning department too, as it could be interesting for us to keep our different services within the same system.

Empowering the workforce of tomorrow

As Shredall SDS Group nurtures a culture of innovation, the operational app assumes a pivotal role in empowering the workforce of the future. By offering tools that streamline complex tasks, facilitate decision-making, and encourage collaboration, the app fosters employee growth and development. It positions Shredall SDS Group as a workplace where innovation thrives and is embraced.

Operations manager, Joe Walters comments:

“Our new system gives me complete visibility of all jobs. As a management tool, it really is invaluable and has transformed the business. Powerful routing means we can offer customers a quick turnaround from booking through to service. Customers receive an automatic email when the driver is 15 minutes away. Certificates of destruction and waste transfer notes are automatically sent to our customers immediately after the service takes place. Quotations and invoices are produced faster. Customers can access our online portal to see future schedules, jobs cards (inclusive of photographs and signatures from each visit). It is a win win! My department are happy and our clients are very impressed.”

How are we doing this?

Our operations team can manage their routes more effectively and inform customers quickly about their schedules. They can track the resources on the map if a customer is ringing to know their location, as well as identify good driver behaviour and reward the team?, we can also evaluate route profitability and identify where we would need to book jobs to make it profitable, which is something that wasn’t possible with our previous software.

The Shredall SDS team has been very supportive throughout the whole onboarding process and after our software company has quickly solved every basic technical issue we had. The issues that required more attention have been passed to the development and technical teams, and we have been updated regularly about them.


Summary of our new mobile workforce system

  • Customer service has been improved, as now anyone in the business has access to the information: there is no need to transfer phone calls when customers are looking for a service date, a price, or a question.
  • We have automated document sending set up which gives us more time capacity, and fewer admin jobs to do.
  • With our new internal system, we are completely paper free and manage everything online. We have an automated document sending set up which gives us more time capacity, and fewer admin jobs to do.
  • Our Shredall SDS Group team has been very supportive throughout the whole onboarding process and after. Our roadcrew has quickly solved every basic technical issue we had.

Our operational app has ushered in a new era of efficiency and customer-centricity for Shredall SDS Group. Its multifaceted functionalities and adaptability not only reshape current operations but also lay the foundation for a future characterised by boundless potential.

We’re one of the UK’s leading document shredding companies, offering a range of confidential paper shredding and waste disposal services. To find out more about how our shredding services can help your business, get in touch with us today.

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