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How scanning can create a paper-lite office

How scanning can create a paper-lite office

As more organisations move towards minimising the amount of paperwork in their offices, the need for simple electronic document management has grown. Going completely paperless is a complex and daunting task- it takes time, effort, strategic thought and a real shift in business administration. In most cases a paperless office is an unrealistic ambition, however technology can help businesses cut the amount of paper used and improve efficiency. It’s called going paper-lite, and it’s a concept that can be achieved by scanning documents.

Scanning documents creates space in an office and helps a team work more efficiently. It saves time looking for documents allowing effective collaboration. Scanning paper documents turning them into digital files means they can be stored and shared more easily. Scanning your documents gives you better data security as you are protecting hard copy information. They can be encrypted, password protected, and securely stored in our software.

Clutter kills productivity. Document scanning prevents excess paper from building up and means employees spend less time looking for documents. Files can be retrieved quickly and easily without having to leave a desk.

Tips to become more paper-lite

Digitise documents- Scanning paper files create long-term efficiencies, supports collaboration and saves space.

Pay for a scanning service provider- Paying a document management expert to organise your documents for you is the most effective and quickest way to become paper-lite. We can come to any business, scan documents and store on our SDS Box software.

Move your printer- People who sit closer to the printers tend to use them more. Move your printer further away from employees to help reduce print volumes down.

A greener planet

A paper-lite office isn’t just good for your business, it benefits the environment as well. Using less paper means cutting down less trees and increasing the levels of oxygen produced. Any paper that is used should be recycled as paper can be recycled up to seven times. Anything confidential should be shredded and recycled by a trusted supplier.

Our Document Management Software and Indexing

Our document management software provides a great user experience with an intuitive user interface that allows employees to access content and collaborate from any device. With shared links, version history, commenting and more, our SDS Box software makes it easy to securely collaborate with anyone.

Our software enables you to manage the entire lifecycle while complying with regulatory mandates, e-discovery requests, and data retention policies with ease.

Once your documents have been scanned, we recommend indexing- the process of associating information with a file allowing it to be easily found and retrieved later. Find out more about our document scanning service and contact our team for help with creating a paper-lite office.

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