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What is a Record Management System?

What is a Record Management System?

A records management system (RMS) is more than just storage. It’s a completely end-to-end solution that adheres to a strictly defined policy for the creation, storage and destruction of all hard and digital information assets. This usually involves records management software to help businesses organise documents efficiently.

What does Records Management System mean?

Records management system is the management of records for an organisation throughout each records life cycle.

The activities in this management include efficient control of the creation, maintenance, and destruction of the recordsalong with the business transactions associated with them.

Document storage is an integral part of the records management process as it makes it easier to organise, store and retrieve key items, it reduces wasted space, increases operational efficiency and makes it easier to comply with relevant legislation.

What should a records management system do?

  • Identify and enforce records retention periods in accordance with UK GDPR law.
  • Manage the destruction of all documents.
  • Collect a comprehensive record inventory.
  • Creation of a records storage plan.
  • Classification, identification and storing of records.
  • Transform paper records into digital through document scanning.
  • Access and manage your digital files.
  • Maintain a transparent audit trail.
  • Keep records safe and intact throughout their lifecycle.

What are the benefits of using an RMS?

  • Elimination of redundant data.
  • Increase productivity and accountability in the organisation.
  • Increased security with password protection and logins.
  • Quick identification of documents and search terms.
  • Cost-effective record storage due to absence of redundant records. Operating costs are reduced.
  • Set a date for document disposal to ensure information is not kept longer than necessary, ensuring GDPR compliance.
  • Record management helps control the creation and growth of records.
  • By providing easy and better access to relevant records, helps better decision making.

Things to look for when it comes to a good records management system

A good records management system should reduce waste, maximise space and increase the efficiency of your business. It’s important when looking for a records management system to identify what your business needs from the system and whether it provides the solutions needed.

Redundant records (especially those containing sensitive information) should be completely removed for reasons of legality and efficiency. The system should have enough capacity to manage future retention needs to help keep on top of all documents.

Fundamentally, it should make the process of managing records easier. Staff should be able to locate what they need quickly and conveniently. If certain documents need to be destroyed, the system should flag them for shredding.

Main system features to look for:


  • Notification for paper records that require secure shredding.
  • Facilitate easy collection, retrieval, and transport of records. Stored at a secure facility.
  • Be capable of scanning digital files.
  • Access from anywhere; from the office or home working.
  • Book collection of hard copy files to be delivered to any location.
  • Able to upload files easily like word documents, images, emails, etc.
  • Find exactly what you’re looking for quickly via multiple search options.

SDS Records Management System

Our records management software, is a simple, affordable web-based system that allows you to quickly locate, view and manage your electronic documents, whether they’re scanned or stored at our secure depot facility.

Among its clever features, the system lets you apply one set of policies to govern access rights, retention periods and destruction protocols. It lets you find records faster, reduces the risk of non-compliance and helps lower storage costs.

Contact our team today to discuss your Record Management System needs with our experts.

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